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The entire fifteen-member Iron County Board of Supervisors is up for election.  Primary elections will be required within Districts in which three or more candidates file.

Incumbent County Supervisors include:

  • District 1: Paul Mullard
  • District 2: Joseph Pinardi
  • District 3: Jack Prospero
  • District 4: Larry Youngs
  • District 5: William Thomas
  • District 6: Mitch Koski
  • District 7: John Smith
  • District 8: Karl Krall
  • District 9: George Nasi
  • District 10: Scott Erickson
  • District 11: Victor Ouimette
  • District 12: Opal Roberts
  • District 13: Thomas Thompson Jr
  • District 14: James Kichak
  • District 15: Brad Matson


Past Elections:



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