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Staff List: Human Services
Staff Name Staff Position Phone Number Email
Bucknell,  Cally Director 715-561-3636
Anderson,  Mercedes Social Worker 715-561-3636
Binz,  Kim Receptionist / Billing 715-561-3636
Drier,  Amanda Jailer / Dispatcher 715-561-3800
Krall,  Candice Economic Support 715-561-3636
Levra,  Chanel Social Worker Adult Services / ADRC 715-561-3636
Olson,  Trista ADRC / Aging Manager 715-561-3636
Rein,  Rebecca Program Manager 715-561-3636
Rickard,  Kimberly Social Worker 715-561-3636
Roderick,  Layla Receptionist/Energy Assistance 715-561-3636
Schmidtke,  Diane Financial Manager 715-561-3636
Yanko,  Jewel Economic Support Specialist 715-561-3636
Yates,  Janet Billing / Fiscal Support 715-561-3636
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